Joy and DrewWelcome! We are so glad that you have found us. We are a husband, and wife team based out of Girdwood, Alaska. Art has been a huge part of our life and is one of the things that sets us apart from others in the art community. Here is a little bit of our story:

Joy’s artistic roots began in Bishop, California where she was raised. After attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and getting her degree in Graphic Design & Printing,¬†Joy ventured north to Alaska where she learned the art of bending neon glass. After working in many sign shops through out Anchorage she met Drew. After their marriage she decided to start her own business so she could freely use her creativity more freely.

Drew grew up in Long Beach, California. High school workshop was where he discovered his passion for creativity; using wood and metals to create different objects. After high school he too headed north to visit family. Working as a heavy equipment operator and a blaster her was able to explore a lot of Alaska. Meeting Joy was not only a huge pivotal moment in his life but also a rekindling of his love for art.

Together over 30 years, they now collaborate on a majority of the art pieces that are created. Drew in the garage with his power tools shaping and etching metals and woods. Joy in the shop bending neon and conceptualizing by hand and on her computer. These self-taught artists can really come up with anything!

The latest medium they use is what I call “Neonic Metals” a combination of Neon, Vinyls and Metal to create custom¬†lights for homes and businesses. Give them an idea and together they can conceptualize, create and astonish.